[Zapowiedzi] Dragon: Sd.Kfz.184 Elefant [7515]

Firma Dragon poinformowała o zestawach, jakie niedługo trafią do produkcji.

  • Opublikowano: 12.07.2017, 01:29

Pojazdy 1/72 — Dragon Armor Series

7515 — Sd.Kfz.184 Elefant

Dragon 7515

The Elefant was an impressive tank destroyer featuring a powerful long-range 8,8cm PaK 43/2 gun in a hull with armor that was up to 200mm thick in places. A total of 91 vehicles were manufactured, though mobility of this 65-tonne behemoth was not its strong point. It managed a top speed of no more than 30 km/h on road and drive sprockets needed to be changed every 480 km or so!

One of Dragon latest offerings of 1/72 scale kit is this Elefant. THis kit is based on our outstanding kit. All detaild are rendered accurately in 1/72 scale and it comes with impressive features like slide-molded one-piece upper hill and one-piece lower hull. For easy assembly, DS tracks are included. Cartograf decals offer different markings as well.

Dragon 7515